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Model TE-2200 & TE-2400

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Restaurant Solutions

QSR, Fine Dinning or Pizza Delivery.


Casio BT-9100 15" Touchscreen PC. Casio cash registers offer exceptional value and reliability.

Accept Credit Cards

Retail, Restaurant, Internet.


QSR, Fine Dinning or Pizza Delivery.

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Casio TE-2200/TE-2400

The practical management solutions for your business, Casio TE-2200 and TE-2400.

The TE-2200 (raised keyboard) and TE-2400 (flat keyboard) offer an affordable machine for retail, scanning and hospitality operations. The TE-2200/2400 offer 2 serial COM ports for PC, modem, scanner, external printer, liquor/coin dispenser and credit/debit interfaces for the demanding operations. The built-in 2 station thermal printer with graphic logo and Watermark logo printing make for a professional presenting receipt for customers. The flexible software features such as guest check tracking, scanning, backing up program and sales data to a Compact flash card make it viable machine for small and medium sized businesses.


TE-2200 Stroke key board modelcasio te-2200

Low Cost Scanning Solution
 Combining an attractive, sleek design with scanning, a fast two-station thermal printer and a two-line alpha-numeric operator display make the TE-2200 ideal in retail operations.


The TE-2200 and TE-2400 feature two thermal printers, one receipt printer and a journal take-up, 14.0 lines/second quick and quite printing.

Both registers also have a two line display. The TE-2200 features 1500 PLUs with 24 departments, with 12 characters.


Casio TE-2200 $449.00



The TE-2400 features a flat keyboard ideal for fast food and QSR.

casio te-2400

Table Control Function

Basic table control function is provided for small restaurants, cafes and bars. An external printer can be configured for order or receipt printing.

The TE-2200 and TE-2400 can be programmed to write sales to a flash card which will enable sales to be transfered to a PC.

The key on the keyboard marked as “HELP” can print guidance messages on the receipt printer which contain answers to frequently asked questions such as how to program the time and
date. Furthermore, these messages are customizable to meet individual needs.

Arrangement function keys can be programmed to enable quick checkout, such as fast cash keys, or discount keys.


Casio TE-2400 $489.00

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