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Microsale Software

MicroSale has “smart” modifier technology, quick combo functionality for quick service restaurants, table management, built in time clock (with time validation), inventory, and multi-unit management controls.

Integrated Payments

We provide payment solutions that are secure and can be integrated with your point of sale. EMV "chip and pin" requirements mean more technology and oversight. We address your needs and keep your rates low.

Bars & Night Clubs

Features include server screens with easy access to split checks, merge checks, transfer tables, print multiple checks at once, send/stay for firing items, auto fire holds (helps prevent forgotten orders), and more.

Android Terminals

Software for Hospitality and Retail Applications.Check out the latest Android solutions from Casio and SAM4s. Easliy expand your system as business evolves.....

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Retail and Restaurant Suppport
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Replacement Pagers & Accessories


flashing pagers

Coaster Call Pagers

LRS invented the first stacking coaster pager that started the guest paging revolution. With its patented charging system, LRS coaster pagers can be charged in any direction ensuring a consistent and reliable charge every time.


Use the Drop Down Menu to select your "Replacement Pager Color".

aqua pager


Aqua Pagers

WATERPROOF* and ANTI-BACTERIAL pager, AQUA is the world’s most durable pager. AQUA prevents passing germs by killing them instantly on contact.

The AQUA also features DOUBLE-SIDED ADVERTISING allowing you to promote more specials than other pagers. With AQUA, you can display your daily specials on one side and Happy Hour times on the other.

AQUA Replacement Pager
$95.00 -


STAR Replacement Pagerstar pager

The LRS service pager has the strongest vibration in the industry making it the workhorse of many industries including restaurants, nurseries, salons, and retail. In addition to its vibration alert, the LRS service pager has 4 messaging LED lights that will enhance overall communication.

STAR Replacement Pager
$69.00 -

alphanumeric pager


Alphanumeric Replacement Pager

This low cost staff paging system is simple to use and will intercrease inter-office communications. Simply type a short message on the keyboard and the transmitter will instantly notify staff members wearing compatible pagers.

Alphanumeric Replacement Pager
$109.00 -

t74 repeater


Paging System Signal Repeater

Increase the range of your current paging system with this repeater. You can add one to several depending upon your circumstances or coverage needs. Contact us for system design assistance or questions.

T74 Range Extender Repeater
$435.00 -

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